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The jerseys listed on this page are items from our personal collections we've put here for display. They are not currently being
offered for sale or trade, however if you see something of interest, we encourage you to contact us with your offer.

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Michigan Wolverines

35 Bryan Hogan

From the 2008 Final Four played in Denver, Hogan came in and relieved Billy Sauer who had not played well in the game.

Detroit Vipers

13 Joe Day

First year, first style Detroit Vipers home with 4 color numbers of #13 Joe Day.

San Francisco Spiders

20 Jay Murphy

One of the more highly sought after items from the now defunct International Hockey League.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5 Terry Hanratty

First year road jersey of quarterback Terry Hanratty who played in this versus his former team, Pittsburgh Steelers. Note the orange on red which was changed the following year. The Bucs were winless in their first season.

Los Angeles Sharks

15 Ron Walters

Ron Walters second stop in the WHA was with the Los Angeles Sharks in 1973-74 after spending one year with the Alberta Oilers in the WHA's inaugural season. At Los Angeles he was able to score 14 goals, record 14 assists and spent 28 minutes in the penalty box. He would go on to play briefly for the Indianapolis Racers. The V neck jersey shows great use and pulls that are a hallmark of these durenes and carries a strap on the inside and a Goodman size 50 tag on the inside hem.


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